Hi Queen!


If you're here you've probably been following my work for a while and I'm so glad you're ready to go even deeper!

Magic, transformation and wild up levels await...

Let's get to it!


Wild Intimacy &

Deep Love

Hi Queen! 

If you're here you've probably been following my work for a while and I'm so glad you're ready to go even deeper!

Magic, transformation and wild up levels await...

Let's get to it!


Everyone deserves to experience the richness of true love and a life of passionate, wild, s*x…


The problem is we’ve been sold a fairytale that sets us up to fail… and when we do fail in relationships or maintaining desire, we believe there must be something wrong with us, or our partner, or the world…


The idea that love and passionate s*x should just fall into our lap, means that when it doesn’t we’re left feeling defective, broken and hopeless. I know how it feels to be fooled by the fairytale, feeling totally deflated and lost when it doesn’t work out the way it was “supposed” to.


I call BULLSH*T! You are not broken my love ... but the ideas you have about love and s*x, well they might be!


The dojo of relationships has been my greatest spiritual teacher and I can tell you, not only through my personal experience but in over 8 years working with spiritual women and couples to thrive in s*x and love… it doesn’t fall into your lap mama.


Learning to get the love & s*x you want is a SKILL that can be learned… of course it is! Our souls signed up for EVOLUTION, so it makes perfect sense that the things humans most desire (love, intimacy, connection) are a place RIPE with opportunities for growth.


My life now, the passionate love story I’m grateful for every day is not luck… I’ve empowered hundreds of women to find love and to thrive in s*x through my simple, sexy and effective methods for healing original love & attachment wounds, up-leveling your embodied ‘love identity’ and activating your primal essence… all which equal an ability to attract and sustain conscious loving partnership, alongside a thriving s*x life. None of this falls into your lap, it’s through a willingness to heal, to learn, to grow and to transform… again and again and again. 


I’m here to distill everything I know from nearly a decade in the transformation space and travelling the world studying different love & intimacy methods, into tools and practices you can use for the rest of your life to continue to up level in love & s*x.


I combine ancient tantric & spiritual practices with modern, science backed methods to not only totally transform the mental frameworks you use to experience love and s*x… but to also make those transformations real in your own body.


If you’re ready to experience a passionate, orgasmic, soulful kinda love… then it’s my life’s greatest pleasure to support you in that journey.



This is a safe confidential space, in which all of your thoughts and feelings will be heard and honoured.

This process has been tried and tested through my 8 years experience as a coach, serving thousands of people via my online programs and 1:1 work.

This program will call you forward into the next chapter of your life. It will invite you into profound healing and growth, with tools that you can use everyday.

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