Every Woman has an Inner Irresistible Sex Priestess. Awaken & Embody Yours.


Every Woman has an Inner Irresistible Sex Priestess. Awaken & Embody Yours.


Introducing the Love, Sex & Awakening™ Membership

This program is a wild adventure & a sacred, safe space where you'll be totally free to:

☾ Express your raw, sometimes messy, authentic truth. Your thoughts and feelings will be heard and honoured here. 

☾ Heal and integrate old wounding so that you can experience the deep, soulful, orgasmic kinda love your soul yearns for.

☾ Step into your wild, awakened Sex Priestess identity... that's totally authentic to you.

☾ Celebrate your wins and receive support in your lows. You can take up space here, supported by other spiritual women from all over the world!


Angelika Alana As Seen In...

Feel confident, sexy & alive


You shouldn't have to go through life feeling as though you should "just know" how to feel wildly confident in your body & the bedroom or how to attract & sustain conscious loving partnership... 

Unless we learn the powerful tantric practices for buzzing with confidence & sensuality, or the pleasure rituals to heal trauma, or the conscious communication skills for navigating arguments & the inner child work to help you attract a healthy soul-mate love... how the heck are you supposed to "just know"?!

We've been sold a fairytale that says if hot sex with your partner isn't just falling into your lap daily, then there must be something wrong with you, your partner or your relationship...

We've been sold a fairytale that says true love will just fall into your lap, you'll be swept off your feet and chosen without ever having to do the deep soul work of truly choosing yourself...

...and when it doesn't happen that way, we are left feeling broken, defective & ashamed. The shame keeps us silent & the silence means we can't grow, stuck in a fairytale turned nightmare... & I've sooo been there Queen!

What I've learned not only through my personal experience of healing my original love wounds & embodying my inner sex priestess to have a thriving relationship & sex life with my partner of 4 years Patrick...

But also through supporting thousands of women to thrive, through my online programs & 1:1 coaching over the last 8 years as a professional coach...

Is that EVERY woman has a rich source of sexiness within her. A deep wellspring of sexual freedom, love & liberation.

It is a space that is not performative sexuality (although that can be fun sometimes). It's an identity, an authentic expression & a deep knowing of your worthiness & power, sourced from yourself.

A place where orgasms exist to nourish your soul & remind you who the F you are. Where pleasure isn't just some thing a man or partner can give you, it's your spiritual birthright & a pathway to the divine. It's a rich source of your most profound awakening.

From this space, this soulful identity, you can give the world your deepest gifts, experience the most wild soul-deep love, walk into every room like an irresistible beacon of light, dripping with magnetism... & it all starts with how you feel about yourself.

So how do you access this rich well within you? How do you embody your inner Sex Priestess or Goddess that will have you radiating with pure aliveness, sensuality & self love?

By the end of this membership, you will have walked through 12 modules, giving you an in-depth education on how to transform your love & sex life. You'll be given the knowledge, the support and science backed tools to completely revolutionise who you are in love & sex... which transforms who you are in life!

Your friends & family will be in awe of what a love & sexpert you've become... This won't just change your life, you'll be a rich source of wisdom & guidance for everyone in your life too!

You will be initiated into the sacred mysteries of tantra, the most up-to-date & science-backed tools, all while being held in a community of bad ass spiritual sisters & revolutionary rebels, from all over the world!


What's Included Every Month?

Brand New Themes

Each module is an in-depth spiritual education with the most profound tools & practices on a wide range of topics. Think Tantric Priestess Initiations, Soulful Goal Setting & Manifestation, Sensual Embodiment & Full Body Orgasms!

Full Moon Ritual

Come together with Queens and Royal Beings from all over the world. We go deeper on the month's theme with time for Q&A with me, Guest Experts & live rituals to elevate your love & sex life to the next level! This is a space to feel held by community & supported in your transformation.

Spiritual Wellness Library

Unlimited access to our festival of classes with 100+ videos to keep your soul expanding. Yoga classes, meditations, breathwork sessions, plant-based cooking tutorials, pleasure practices and more! We've got something for every mood & skill level, tantalise your spiritual witchy side.


Enrolments Closed! 

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