I'm a coach for spiritual women seeking an ally & mentor for their one wild & precious life.


I use spiritual psychology, somatic healing and my gifts as an intuitive to help you:

Awaken your sexual wholeness

Find the love of your life

Revolutionise your relationship &

Remember who the f*ck you are!



Experience the wild love your soul craves...


Do you want to experience a passionate, soulful, orgasmic love?

Are you ready to ooze magnetism? To walk into every room so connected to your inherent worth, that you’re irresistibly attractive?

Do you desire to 
love your body deeply, exactly as it is? To shamelessly celebrate your sensuality & to radiate with that aliveness? To be a vibrational match for a partner who will worship you as a Goddess?

Maybe you’ve found love but you’re ready to go deeper, to uncover spiritual intimacy & to kick your sex life up to the next level...

Or are you here to learn the ancient spiritual & science-backed practices to embody sexual freedom & to experience soul love?

Then Queen, you’re in the right place.


It's time for you to be held, in the way that you hold others.

My love, your life transforms when you have a safe space held just for you. I'm here to guide you every step of the way, with my one-on-one support and nearly a decade of experience. It's time to unleash the quantum leaps that come, when you start putting yourself first babe.



Alex Blefari

"Working with Angel shifted my life in every capacity. I had originally reached out to her in the depths of heartbreak & she instantly was able to shift my focus from that of lack to that of abundance, something I had been working to do for over a year but had not succeeded in. The deep work we did manifested positively in ALL areas of my life & still is months later. 

 On a business level, the number of clients I attracted & saw increased 200% (literally). My workshops sold out. I planned, filled & hosted an international retreat I had only dreamed of doing while working together. My relationships with my loved ones blossomed. I found joy in every day at a time when I couldn't imagine not feeling pain.  I could not recommend her more. She is a forever friend & influence in my life now & I could not be more grateful for my work with her!"

Georgina Clarke

"When I first started working with Angel I wanted to heal from a long, drawn-out relationship which had become confusing, exhausting and unhealthy. I was also embarking on my own journey as a newbie coach but was struggling to find confidence in my skills, abilities and credibility as a coach.

She helped me discover my own innate wisdom and allowed me to tap into my individual ‘genius’ as a coach. Angel also helped me heal my romantic wounds so that I could move forward and claim a love life that I truly desired, and ultimately deserved. I became comfortably and unapologetically myself and started to choose MYSELF.

Lo and behold, 6 months on and I am enjoying a loving relationship with a new partner – something I don’t think I would be enjoying right now if it hadn’t been for Angel’s guidance. Now I know that I am worthy of this kind of love!"

Cat Holmes

"I had been struggling to feel connected both physically and emotionally with my partner for quite some time. We had actually already worked with another coach, without much success despite our best efforts. I always felt like the broken piece of our relationship, not wanting to engage in intimacy, and I believed that there was definitely something wrong with me

Working with Angel I started to have some real meaningful and deep insights into myself. I realized that all those things in my head were just beliefs. That I could be the wild and sensual woman I so crave and dream to be. I realized, I don’t have a low libido, and I’m not disinterested in sex. I was being blocked by my own mind. These are simply feelings and emotions, and don’t dictate who I am as a person. That I’m worthy of love. And I deserve the things I want. That small shift in mindset completely transformed me within a day. I feel like I’ve finally “woken up”. My relationship with my partner continues to get stronger day by day as I myself grow stronger within myself. I’m so excited for what’s coming! I’m so grateful to you Angel for opening the doors for me, for showing me what’s possible."


I'm the Founder + CEO of the Somatic Healing Institute.

I'm a guide for spiritual women and a mentor to change-making coaches. But honestly? I am so much more than that. And so are you.

I can't fit inside a label and neither can you. I'm here to help you burn the contracts of smallness, to step onto the main stage of your life and to give the world your deepest gifts. While being the sensual, alive, bad ass biddy you were born to be.

It's a powerful, wild, deep AF ride to be a soul having a human experience at this time. Your soul clearly came to live honey.

Let's get you free so that you can do that shamelessy.

"Since working together, my life is amazing, I’m so grateful for you Angel. I feel light, I feel like I’m showing up for me. My energy is high and I can light up any room I enter"

Julia Woodford

"Since working together my partner and I are the most connected we have ever been. I am able to speak up and communicate what I want in the bedroom and ask for help in getting there. Something I would NEVER have been able to do before."

Courtney Chambers



"This resonated with me so much! I can feel the energy through her voice and got so much wisdom from just 30 minutes. So excited to hear more!"

Lindsay Michelle

Everything you need to awaken the wise, wild woke one within you...


BUT ...