Wild Intimacy Deep Love 


For singles and couples.

Forget the Fairytale... experience a wild, soulful, orgasmic kinda love, as who you really are.

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Wild Intimacy &

Deep Love


For singles and couples.

Forget the Fairytale... experience a wild, soulful, orgasmic kinda love, as who you really are.


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Experience the love & intimacy that your soul craves ...

Do you want to experience a passionate, soulful, orgasmic kinda love? Are you ready to ooze magnetism? To walk into every room so connected to your inherent worth, that you’re irresistibly attractive? Do you desire to love your body deeply as a portal of pleasure and divinity? To shamelessly celebrate your sensuality and to radiate with that aliveness? To be a vibrational match for a partner who will worship you as a living embodiment of the Goddess? Maybe you’ve found love but you’re ready to go deeper, to uncover spiritual intimacy and to elevate your sex life to the next level?

Or you’re here to learn the ancient spiritual & science-backed practices to radiate with sensual aliveness & to experience true love...

Then Queen, you’re in the right place.


Sensual Date Night Guide...



Sensual Date Night Guide for Couples


Take the pressure off and be guided step-by-step into a steamy and passionate date night with your love. Plus one of my signature Wild Awakenings for couples, an at-home tantric pleasure practice to have you both wild with pleasure and connected in deep intimacy. 

WARNING: May cause you to fall in love all over again!



Sensual Date Night Guide for Singles


The blue print for a self-date full of profound self love, erotic embodiment and pleasure my step-by-step guide. Plus one of my signature Wild Awakenings, an at-home pleasure practice guiding you into states of spiritual beauty & sensual aliveness.  WARNING: Steamy AF!




Hey, you!


I'm Angelika but friends & students call me Angel. I am a coach who supports spiritual women to thrive in love & sex… because I believe no one should have to live without experiencing true, passionate, wild love. The kind of love that inspires you to give the world your deepest gifts & to live life like an exhilarating, orgasmic adventure. 

I know what it feels like to be fooled by the fairytale, waiting for love or a passionate sex life to fall into your lap. Feeling broken when it doesn't, you’re not broken beloved but the stories you bought into that shape the way you live, love & date… they may be a little broken. The good news is we can transform those! I’m here to show you how to get (and give) the love that you want.

My work has touched millions of lives via global platforms like O2 Priority & Happy Not Perfect...But I'm also a proud weirdo, book obsessed, deep-diving scorpio. A weight-lifting yogi, who loves wearing wigs and doing funny voices.

I'm a certified yoga & meditation teacher, sex, love & relationship coach & I have travelled the world studying different healing modalities & love/intimacy methods for the last decade. I'm here to distill everything I know into my simple, sexy & effective methods for wild intimacy & deep love.

With eight years experience, working hundreds of hours one to one with clients I can tell you this... experiencing deep love is not an experience reserved for a 'special few'. A lifetime of sexual passion & intimacy... is not just for the 'lucky’. These are experiences available to us ALL with the right support, in-depth intimacy education & tools that work!

For that, I have you covered!




"This resonted with me so much! I can feel the energy through her voice and got so much wisdom from just 30 minutes. So excited to hear more!"

Lindsay Michelle


What they say about me...

Alex Blefari

"Working with Angel shifted my life in every capacity. I had originally reached out to her in the depths of heartbreak & she instantly was able to shift my focus from that of lack to that of abundance, something I had been working to do for over a year but had not succeeded in. The deep work we did manifested positively in ALL areas of my life & still is months later. 


On a business level, the number of clients I attracted & saw increased 200% (literally). My workshops sold out. I planned, filled & hosted an international retreat I had only dreamed of doing while working together. My relationships with my loved ones blossomed. I found joy in every day at a time when I couldn't imagine not feeling pain.  I could not recommend her more. She is a forever friend & influence in my life now & I could not be more grateful for my work with her!"

Paige Leacey

"Angelika lives up to the role of 'coach' more than any other mentor, teacher or confidante I have ever had. She listens intently, she remembers detail and holds her clients accountable. Not only have I been better to myself through Angelika's teachings, but I have been better to others.


I've never once felt judged for over intellectualising or for having a trivial human response to a situation, but I have always felt motivated to do, feel and live better under her guidance.


I could not recommend a service more highly than I can recommend Angelika's. And it truly is a service, not just to the individual in receipt but to society at large."

Chloe Butterworth

“Angelika’s grounded presence & intuition always brings the right topics & emotions to the surface.


When I first started my sessions I knew there was something missing from my life.  Together, she helped me realise that the thing missing was love for myself.I have since been working hard on eliminating old thought patterns & it has truly changed my life.


My confidence & self worth make me excited for my future because for the first time in my life, I realise that I can do ANYTHING.


I cannot express how deeply grateful I am”

Ready to go

even deeper?


Check out my custom designed programs for every level & budget.

Designed to give you the in-depth spiritual education, community support & tools that work. So that you can experience healing and transformation across love, sex & your entire life.

I'm going to help you heal your relationships, up-level your love making, improve your dating magnetism & so much more. 

All through the lens of ancient spirituality & the most up-to-date science.

It all starts with how you feel about yourself.