Untamed Retreat in Tulum Mexico.

With Angelika Alana. Nov 30 - Dec 5 2022


The details...

Location: Amansala Eco-Chic
Resort + Spa


AddressRiviera Maya,
Tulum, Mexico.

Between the pristine blue ocean and the emerald green tropical forests and jungles.


Dates: November 30th - December 5th 2022


About your guide Angel

Angel has worked thousands of hrs 1-to-1 with spiritual women over the last 8 years, helping them to reclaim their voices, re-wild their bodies and to remember who they are. To arouse their unique mission as spiritual beings on an awakening planet. 

A specialist in somatic healing, spiritual psychology and sensual body-based transformation: she helps women to integrate past pain, claim their gifts and to step onto the main stage of their lives, as the powerful force of nature, she believes every woman is.



5 nights in an Eco-Chic paradise.


Spiritual sisterhood, make lifetime friends.



Daily transformative spiritual experiences.


You’re just a few steps away from the most transformational experience of your life!  


+ 5 Nights Accommodation at a Beautiful Beachside, Eco-Chic Resort in Tulum

+ Daily Guided Spiritual Practice

+ Daily Movement + Breathwork Practices

+ Spirituality & Embodied Intimacy Workshops by a world Renowned Coach

+ Three Healthy + Locally Sourced Meals Each Day

+ Trip Planning and Support in Exploring Tulum

+ Pre-Retreat Community Call with the Somatic Healing Institute Team

+ Photos/Videography

*Solo portraits, airfare and airport transfers not included


+ A roadmap for marrying your primal sensual self with your highest spiritual self to create health and expansion in every area of your life

+ A high level community of spiritual women, embodied teachers and self-love sisters

+ Clearer understanding on your relationship with your body and your sensual self

+ An understanding of the Sacred Seductress archetype and how integrating her can transform your life.

+ An improved physical, mental and spiritual relationship with yourself

+ Tools and framework to improve your self-love and to embody your most untamed and confident self!

Dream with me for a moment...

You wake up to the sound of waves crashing and step out of your lush eco-villa to a breeze flirting with your thighs under your summer threads. You grab a piece of fruit served to you on a platter and are greeted by warm women from all over the world.

You flow into a sensual yoga session, feeling your body suddenly without inhibition. Layers of shame and years of repression falling off you, as you're guided deeper into states of real self-love.
With a teacher who has taught thousands of women to do the same, you feel the legacy of her vast decade of experience in the space, creating safety and opening you wide to the experience.
You think to yourself, "so this is what it actually FEELS like, to love yourself as you are?" 

Onto your tantric breathwork session, energising your body better than any double espresso. You're guided step-by-step with a backdrop of the turquoise Tulum sea: how to activate your body, your breath and your voice. You start to experience this sense of ALIVENESS, the wild sensuality that is your true nature and remember who you were before the world taught you who you 'needed' to be. You're radiating like a fcking Goddess ... and it's not even breakfast yet.

You've gifted yourself 5 nights in paradise. You've gifted yourself memories and friendships of a lifetime. You've gifted yourself the most transformational experience of your life.

All this doesn't have to just be a dream Queen.
It's time to say "YES" to your own pleasure, "YES" to your own expansion, "YES" to your untamed power. Join us in Tulum.

From Angel:
Video Poster Image

Transformation isn't something to be read about in books, it's something to be felt, to be experienced.


What they say about working with me...


Since working together, my life is amazing. I'm so grateful for you Angel. I feel light. I feel like I'm showing up for me. My energy is high and I can light up any room I enter!"

-Julia Woodford


With Angel I get practical tools for nurturing my spirituality. The universe feels full of potential instead of something to fear. Angel see's me and mirrors my gifts to me, now I can step into them.

-Tamsin Bradshaw


I love myself a lot more and when I am feeling lonely or sad, I can hold myself now!"

-Hilary Rowland

Frequently Asked Questions

So Queen, what will you do with your one wild and precious life?



Take the leap! Come join a spiritual sisterhood in a tropical paradise for 5 days of spiritual transformation and sensual activation.