Somatic Self-Healing

Level 1 Training - September 10th 2022

Stop living in your head, start living in your body.
Your body is the primary relationship of your life,
Your body is the real 'till death do us part' love story. 
Are you ready to inhabit your body as the safe, sensual, healing-ally it is?

"In a world that values productivity over people, sensual self-healing is a radical act of rebellion..."

Angelika Alana, Founder & CEO of the Somatic Healing Institute.

Somatic Self-Healing a Level 1 Program for total beginners and advanced spiritual practitioners alike.

If you're new to this work and want an introduction into the body-based healing arts. Or if you're an advanced student ready to begin the path to our Coaching Certification (Level 1-3 is a requirement for the cert).

This program is for people ready to make their: healing, happiness & spiritual growth a priority.

Are you ready to feel at home in the temple of your body?
To take back the reigns of your life from circumstance and to become a master of your inner state and a true friend to your body?


Stuck in criticism and comparison?

If you feel like no matter how hard you try, it's never good enough or like you are never enough... If you tend to take the feelings of 'not-enoughness' out on your body through criticism or comparison... You're not alone.

We live in a world that has taught us put ourselves last on the list and to prioritise 'productivity' over connection, intimacy and embodiment. Our happiness suffers, our relationships suffer, our health suffers. Clearly our method for coping has to change.

I'm here to teach you how to relate to your body as the powerful ally for healing and spiritual awakening that it is

This program will empower you to create profound change in your life with weekly LIVE interactive sessions. You'll learn how to tune into your inner voice, wisdom and innate capacity for self-healing.

I'm here to help you remember who you really are, beneath the stress and self-criticism. A radiant spiritual being, with deep gifts you came to give this world! The time for awakening those gifts and your potential is NOW. The path is here.


Level 1
6 Week Program

Revolutionise your connection to your body, as the basis for profound healing 

What if your healing could be a fun, sensual adventure?
Move through what's keeping you stuck. I'll teach you how to:

  • Use sound and your voice as a method for self-soothing
  • Connect with your body as a safe space, through mindful movement
  • Use embodiment to self-regulate and release stress

I'm here to show you how with this fully guided, step-by-step Somatic Self-Healing program. 


Daily Spiritual Practice

Practice daily Somatic Sadhana with guided morning and evening practices.

Morning Practice: Energy Attunement, Yoga Session, Breathwork, Meditation.

Evening Practice: Qi-Gong, Self-Reiki & Self Massage, Energy Attunement.

Each week we rotate our Somatic Sadhana to focus on one of the elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space. 


Bi-Weekly LIVE Lectures

These information-rich lectures are a guide through the fundamental principles of Somatic Self-Healing work.

Lecture Topics Include:

Introduction to Somatic Self Healing

Felt Sense - The Language of Your Body

Your Primal Wild - The Healing Powers of Free Sound and Movement


Bi-Weekly Community
Practice Sessions

Practice sessions make the lecture information real in your own body.

Power Your Presence - Breath and Energy Work Session

 - Primal Movement Session

Reclaim Your Voice - Vocal Activation Session


Your body is your greatest ally in life. I'm going to teach you how to listen to it's signals, regulate your nervous system and activate your self-healing potential.

Mastering the art of Somatic Healing is like being given an instruction manual for your car. It makes you someone who can face challenges with a clear mind, relaxed chest and steady breath. It gives you deeper access to your creative thinking centres and more consistent positive energy. It makes intuition and 'going with your gut' second nature. I'm here to teach you how to harness the power your body holds for healing and growth. To support you in laying a solid foundation upon which to build your dreams. It all starts with how you relate to the foundation of your own existence, your body!


I'm the Founder + CEO of the Somatic Healing Institute.

I'm a guide for spiritual women and a mentor to change-making coaches. But honestly? I am so much more than the roles I play. And so are you.

I can't fit inside a label and neither can you. I'm here to help you burn the contracts of smallness, to step onto the main stage of your life and to give the world your deepest gifts. While being the sensual, alive, bad ass biddy you were born to be.

It's a powerful, wild, deep AF ride to be a soul having a human experience at this time. Your soul clearly came to live honey.

Let's get you free, so that you can do that shamelessy.

"Since working together, my life is amazing, I’m so grateful for you Angel. I feel light, I feel like I’m showing up for me. My energy is high and I can light up any room I enter"

Julia Woodford

"Since the program I feel abundant and excited about life and the journey ahead. I love myself a lot more and when I am feeling lonely or sad I can hold myself now!"

Hilary Rowland



Have you ever felt like you're just floating through life? Not fully connected to the experience?

Or like you're not really the leading star of your own life... or you're somehow in the wrong movie altogether?

If so, then the Somatic Self-Healing is definitely for you.

I'm going to help you break past the layers of conditioning that prevent you from feeling fully connected to life. I'm going to teach you the ancient, science-backed practices to restore a sense of aliveness and ease to your body. I'm here to help you experience true freedom and to give you the tools to sustain liberation over a lifetime.



Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:



3 monthly payments

  • Access to 3 Live Lectures (+ recordings)
  • Access to 3 Live 'Practice' Sessions (+ recordings)
  • 5 Guided Morning Spiritual Practice Sessions
  • 5 Guided Evening Spiritual Practice Sessions
  • Access to our online community



Save $99!

  • Access to 3 Live Lectures (+ recordings)
  • Access to 3 Live 'Practice' Sessions (+ recordings)
  • 5 Guided Morning Spiritual Practice Sessions
  • 5 Guided Evening Spiritual Practice Sessions
  • Access to our online community



Best deal!

  • Access to the full Somatic Self-Healing Curriculum
  • Access to the full recorded 'Seductress' Sacred Sexuality Program
  • 3 Bonus Sessions from Guest Experts in Seductress
  • Access to our online Community